We exist for one simple reason:

We believe that Senator Ron Johnson and Doctor Robert Malone are the right men, with the right stuff, at the right time. Together, they bring a unique combination of proven leadership, bio-medical scientific expertise, and the fighting spirit necessary to speak the truth no matter the cost. Our mission is to implore these courageous men of conviction to enter the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election.

This is NOT a fundraising effort! Our aim is to demonstrate that our numbers are substantial and, furthermore, we stand ready to support them in their bid for the White House should they choose to run.

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Meet our Prospective Candidates

Who are Ron Johnson and Robert Malone? Learn more about their qualifications, achievements, and passions, including video of recent interviews.

Why Johnson-Malone? Why Now?

Discover why we believe that these men are uniquely qualified to confront the greatest challenges facing humanity in the remainder of the present decade.

Become a Citizen for Johnson-Malone 2024

This is NOT a fundraising drive! Our aim is to show that our numbers are strong, we want leadership without compromise, and NO NOMINEE IS A SHOE-IN.

“Senator Johnson, thank you so much for your willingness to have us here so that my voice can be heard, not just mine, but thousands behind me.”

– Christy Dobbs, speaking at a conference arranged by Sen. Johnson for individuals, and their families, suffering from adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines

“I want to give praise to Senator Johnson, who invited me to give testimony in the Senate in May of 2020. He was so enthusiastic about the work that Dr. Marik and I were doing, that we were putting out protocols and trying to treat this disease. … He told me ‘I want the doctors to take their gloves off…’”

– Dr. Pierre Kory, MD – Pulmonary and Critical Care, Medicine Specialist, President and Chief Medical Officer of the Front Line Critical Care Alliance

“Senator Ron Johnson is an American hero and strong advocate for early treatment to save lives.”

– Dr. Peter McCullough, MD – Internist, Cardiologist, Epidemiologist, Chief Scientific Officer of The Wellness Company. One the most published physicians in his field, he has dozens of peer-reviewed publications on COVID-19.