As Grassroots as you can get 


We are ordinary Americans of every race and creed. We come from every walk of life and political persuasion, from liberal Democrat to conservative Republican and everywhere in between. Though the globalist elite and their servants in government and industry labor to divide us, United We Stand. 

Among the things that we all have in common is our concern for the future, for our nation, for ourselves, and our children. We recognize that the nightmarish events of 2020 provided just a glimpse at the emerging Biomedical Security State and what it has in store for us moving forward, if only we allow it.

We believe that unless Election 2024 brings us leaders who are fearless in pursuit of the truth, capable of understanding it, and determined to govern accordingly, we are destined to enter into a dark period in human history, a time when even our most basic civil liberties will be increasingly curtailed or taken away.  

Our faith in God, with whom all things are possible, gives us hope and an unshakable belief that good will ultimately triumph over evil. 

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