NOTE: The opinions below represent those of the organizers of Citizens for Johnson-Malone 2024, and do not necessarily reflect the position of Sen. Johnson and Dr. Malone.  

What about Donald Trump in 2024?

There is no denying that a number of President Trump’s policies were good for America. We can understand why some may be tempted to believe that his re-election would be like turning the clock back to life-before-COVID. That, however, simply is not possible. The world has changed.  

It is our conviction, born out of an objective review of the historical record, that President Donald Trump bears a considerable amount of responsibility for our nation’s horrific COVID response. The deleterious effects of his actions (and inactions) continue to haunt our nation to this day. Even if he should recapture the White House, we do not believe that he is capable of standing against the emerging Biomedical Security State in general, much less the powerful influence of Big Pharma in particular. After all, he still boasts about Operation Warp Speed as if it was a rousing success. 

For a more in-depth treatment of the Trump legacy, see HERE

What if Sen. Johnson and Dr. Malone decline to run? 

Even if Sen. Johnson and Dr. Malone ultimately decide not to enter the race, our efforts will not be for naught. Far too many Americans, fed up with the direction in which the nation is headed, seem to imagine that Donald Trump is all but guaranteed to prevail in the upcoming Republican Presidential Primary elections. This includes good candidates who might otherwise consider running, if only they had a sense for just how many of us stand ready to support them. There can be no doubt that our numbers are in the tens of millions, but we must stand up and be counted. That’s our mission.

If not Trump, doesn’t Ron DeSantis Make the most sense?

Maybe he does, but one thing is certain: If he doesn’t run, it will not matter, and if he doesn’t have good reason to believe that there are millions of COVID-weary voters eager to support a candidate other than Trump, one with the wherewithal to oppose Big Pharma and the emerging Biomedical Security State, he may never throw his hat in the ring. We believe that a Johnson-Malone ticket is uniquely qualified to face the challenges that lie ahead, but as our answer to the question above suggests, if we make our presence known as a voting block to be reckoned with, other good candidates will answer the call to serve. 

How can I help make this effort a success?

“Success” in this case could hardly be more easily defined: It’s all about the numbers. The more people of like-mind that we can encourage to stand up and be counted, simply by providing their name, city, state and email address, the more successful (that is, influential) we will be. The best way to help, therefore, is to engage others by networking, email, word of mouth, etc. Share the link to this website far and wide. Keep an eye on the blog, sharing the articles on your social media pages. Also be sure to follow Citizens for Johnson-Malone 2024 on Twitter and Facebook, at least for as long as they allow us a presence. 

These are the basic activities that will make our grassroots effort flourish. Indeed, it sounds almost too simple, but together we can make a difference.      

I’ve joined the effort, what happens next?

As we stated on the About US page, far from being seasoned political strategists, we – the organizers of this effort – are just ordinary Americans. Though we’d like to be able to say that we have a detailed timeline of events pointing the way ahead, that’s just not the nature of a grassroots movement like ours. That’s not to say that we have no sense for “what happens next.” Our vision at present is this:

Once we reach a certain milestone (at minimum 250,000 citizens, but perhaps 1 million would make more sense), we will bring this effort to the attention of Senator Johnson and Doctor Malone, as well as major and alternative media. Just how substantial our numbers should be before we take that next step is up for discussion. It is also entirely possible that those named will reach out to us first. Needless to say, we will keep our growing list of citizens posted on our progress.

In any event, it is our expectation that once we reach “critical mass,” whatever that benchmark may be, this effort is going catch fire, quickly emerging as a force to be reckoned with throughout Election 2024 . The sooner we reach this point, the better.   

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