We’ve seen the future, and it’s not American 

One of the greatest threats facing humankind in our day is the emerging Biomedical Security State, an internationally coordinated effort to put in place a technocratic dictatorship that promises to obliterate even our most basic civil liberties under the guise of public health policy. Here in the United States, it has become obvious that the pharmaceutical industry lies at the very center of this threat.

Big Pharma has managed to gain practically unfettered influence over our government health agencies (FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID, etc.), hospital and healthcare systems, university systems (including medical schools), media operations (including once respectable medical journals), national and multi-national charitable organizations, major sports and entertainment operations, banking and investment firms, and the list could go on.  One is hard pressed to name a major organization or enterprise that is not in some way beholden to the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry.    

From extensive lockdowns to mandatory masking and the deceptive, heavily propagandized push to encourage widespread uptake of the experimental COVID vaccines, the disastrous COVID response here in the U.S. and elsewhere made at least two things perfectly clear: 1) The threat of a permanent Biomedical Security State is real, and 2) Relatively few individuals in government and medical science have the courage and integrity to put their reputation on the line in pursuit of the truth.

Ron Johnson and Robert Malone are giants among the few.

Senator Johnson knows his way around the halls of power in Washington, D.C. Even so, as he is about to begin his third term as a United States Senator, he still considers himself something of an outsider, more of a Tea Party guy than a dyed in the wool Republican. He is a man of conviction, who has used his office like no other to press for the truth concerning the nation’s COVID response.

He’d be the first to say that there’s much more to be done in this regard, and it is this unfinished business that motivated him to embark upon a third term, even though he has more than earned the right to retire in peace. He is the definition of a public servant.   

Doctor Robert Malone, for his part, is perhaps the single most qualified person in the world to expose the pseudoscience that fuels the burgeoning Biomedical Security State. In the face of this looming threat, his expertise is invaluable; there is little chance that a healthcare bureaucrat will ever be able to pull the wool over his eyes in order to please their Big Pharma, globalist taskmasters. 

Until fairly recently, Robert Malone didn’t hesitate to identify as a lifelong Democrat. Today, he is passionate about the need for the American people to put their partisan politics aside in order to protect the God given liberties that all of us cherish.  

In short, Johnson and Malone are a dynamic duo, perfectly suited to lead our nation forward; they are the right men, with the right stuff, at the right time. 

Indeed, there are other important issues facing our nation and our world. Sen Johnson’s webpage, available HERE, addresses many of them. 

At this, we invite you to watch Senator Johnson’s panel discussion with world renowned experts, “COVID-19: A Second Opinion,” including Dr Malone:

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